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Margrethe van Heeswijk, (WorldLife Foundation) and Margraret Otieno, (WorldLife Kenya) - In March of 2012 we visited the pilot project that we had initiated in November of 2011, in Naivasha Kenya. We noted that for a period of four months it had not rained in this area. With the assistance of Mr. Anthony Karinge, we visited all the schools Read more


Margaret Otieno, CEO WCK and Secretary of the board of WorldLife Kenya) - The goal of this phase of the project was to distribute the remaining water boxes to the schools in Naivasha, so that each school has a total of one hundred.

Next series of reforestation projects   Next series of reforestation projects

The phase also served as an opportunity to monitor the growth of the seedlings previously distributed, to replace tree seedlings that had died and move the successful water boxes to new areas. Read more

Lakeview Primary School Margrethe van Heeswijk and ASML Foundation new Partner Pieter Hoff the inventor of the Groasis waterboxx

From Netherlands with the Waterboxx -

Planting of trees and their survival in regions that receive low rainfall has been a daun-ting task for environmentalists. This is no longer the case, thanks to the Waterboxx project introduced by miss Margarethe van Heeswijk and Mr. Pieter Hoff both from the Netherlands. Read more

Opportunities for Marakwet district in Kania -

Worldlife plans to extend its activities to the Marakwet district in Kenya. Together with the already existing knowledge and experience from this area the initiatives of Worldlife can create new opportunities. Read more

The inventor of the Grasis waterboxx. -

About his dream to reforest the world and teach people about the importance of planting trees.

Mr. Pieter Hoff - Inventor of
the Groasis waterboxx.
Read more


Margrethe van Heeswijk, (WorldLife Foundation) and Cornelia (Nela) Jarica (ReForestMED) - WorldLife is happy to announce a new partnership with ReForetMED, an initiative founded by Cornelia Jarica with the mission to start reforesting stretches of the coastal landscapes along the Mediterranean Sea.

Nela, as she is called, a geographer and German-born US citizen with Dutch family connections, identified and researched five "Non-Irrigation Planting Methods" or "NIPM", a term coined by her. These NIPM are capable of retaining water, do not require irrigation systems and therefore do not deplete the aquifers, and are ideal for semi-arid or eroded soils. The afforestation efforts will be assisted by a unique combination of an organic plant fertilizer and highly effective mycorrhizal fungi developed by Harald Boeckem, a biologist at ReForestMED. Read more


Team WorldLife, (WorldLife Foundation) - Donations of any size are warmly welcome and assist us greatly in the continuation of our work. Our projects relies on donations form people like you. Support our great projects now. All you need to do is full in our online donation form below. Make personal donation or special gift to a friend/relative. Read more


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